Video Production

What it is

Video Production is the process involved in producing content for a video. It encompasses a number of steps across the pre-production, production and post-production phases. From capturing the footage itself to the camera selection, lenses, lighting and sound, it is a process that enables exceptional results. Knowing the optimum tools to use to bring your idea to life forms an essential part of the process.

How it works

We take you right through from the ideas and inspiration in your head, to the planning and execution of our shoot together. From using the correct equipment, location choices, lenses and technologies, every stage is carefully planned in order to bring the vision to life.

what it will achieve

Professionally shot videos can go a long way in supporting your campaign. When we worked with Charity Water, our video ended up winning gold at the Smiley Charity Film Of The Year Awards, spreading even more awareness on the water crisis. The potential of what video can do for you is huge and with the right strategy behind it, anything really is possible.